Unlimited internet data trick

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Hey folks ,
As we all know that nowadays internet is most needed thing by as us and it has become as basic as oxygen and an integral part of our lives . 
So , what about having some free data .
Yes , here we bring you an app that lets you to do tasks and earn internet data .
We also bring to you the unlimited trick for unlimited data . 
So , follow these steps to earn unlimited data . 

  • Download the Kickbit app from here . 
  • Register on the app by entering your phone number and verifying it .
  • You will get free 10 Mb
  • Now download at least 2 apps to validate your account and you will also get data reward for that .
  • Now not down your referral link.
  • Open Bluestacks and then open browser .
  • Enter your referral link and press enter . 
  • Download the app and register with another phone number .
  • Download and app and you will get 50 mb referral bonus .
  • Follow these steps again for unlimited data .

So , this was an complete guide on how to earn unlimited data from Kickbit app . 
                                                                                     Thank you .

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