10 things to know before choosing a new mobile phone

phone buying tips
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Are you planning are new mobile phone and are confused about it? Well then, you have landed at the right place. Today I am going to share few tips which will help you to choose a good mobile phone for you.

Choosing a mobile phone is a pain in the ass honestly. You need to spend a lot of time comparing different phones. You need to know which phone will suit you best and then, keeping an eye on your budget, you need to know the best phone for yourselves.

Anyways, let me cut off the crap and get straight to the point. Choosing a phone isn’t easy and without any expert suggestion, you are most likely to make a mistake.

Let us talk about five things, that you need to know before buying a good android phone for yourselves

phone buying tips

Not all costly phones are good

A lot of people think that if a phone is costly, it will be good. But that is not the case anymore. Some phones with useless specs are sold at the price of gold.

The best example of this is the Asus Zenfone 3. The Zenfone 3 series is heavily priced and when it comes to features, it is not even worth. On the other hand, most of the phones made by Xiaomi or Motorola or even Lenovo are worth the pricing

So this is the first thing that you have to keep in mind while choosing a phone.

Higher Megapixels doesn’t mean better camera

Most of the people have this belief that if a phone has a camera with higher number of megapixels, it will be good. But that is not the case everytime. Megapixels just give information about the resolution of the images. Higher megapixels means the images will be heavier.

So you also need to know which lens the phone has, the zooming capacity of the camera and some real shots taken by others along with the so called, megapixels.

The built of Processor matters more than the number of cores

If you see two options in front of you, a quad-core processor and an octa core processor, which one would you choose? Octa Core processor for sure. But would you mind seeing the build of both of them?

Would you consider which brand has made them, no?

But for my case, I would always prefer processors made by Snapdragon or Intel, over AMD and I would not mind having less number of cores.

Everything you see on youtube channels is not true

I am pretty sure that you follow some or the other tech youtuber and watch his reviews to decide your next device. Well there is nothing bad in that. Even I follow some tech YouTubers. But blindly following them can be fatal.

It is not at all a secret that some of the Phone’s reviews are biased. Most of the youtubers end up praising the mobile just because the brand has sent them a free review unit or they just want to sell it.

So do proper research instead of just following one youtuber and buying a phone.

Always go for better build quality

Do not always prefer devices which have lucrative designs and no durability. Instead, choose the device which has a metal body, is durable and still looks good.

A phone might look attractive at the first sight, but if it is not durable, it is going stop working sooner or later. So instead of buying good looking phones, but solid phones.

Prefer Battery Backup over looks

If you are getting a choice between two different phones which have a different price range, then always go with the one with more battery. You can compromise with anything, but you should not compromise with battery backup at all.

Not all Chinese brands are bad

We all have this perception that if a phone is coming from a Chinese brand, it is bad. But that is not the case. In the recent times, we have seen a lot of Chinese brands coming up with amazing phones and they are also doing well.

Always check the service center availability nearby

If something goes wrong with your phone, what will you do? Take it to the service center, right? But what if you buy a phone from a brand which doesn’t have any service center nearby?

What will you do then? Eh? So make sure that the brand which you are buying has a nearby service center.

Check everywhere for the cheapest price

Do not just search for the device in one site and then buy it. Do proper research and buy it from the place where you are getting cheapest. Be it online or offline market.

Always go with trusted brands

Do not buy the phone of a brand which do you do not trust. It will do nothing but create suspicion in your mind. So try to stay away from such kind of brands.

Final Words

Hope this guide helps you in some way to find a good phone for you. So that’s it with this article. I will be back again with another amazing technology related article. Till then, stay tuned.


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