Microsoft Now Offers Unlimited Cloud Storage for Office 365

Microsoft Office 365
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Microsoft has come out with great new for its Office 365 subscribers. Yesterday, Microsoft announced that soon the Office 365 subscribers will be granted unlimited storage on OneDrive at no extra cost. If you’re an office 365 subscriber and pay for the service, you get unlimited storage. Previously, Microsoft offered 1 terabyte of storage with the Office 365.

This indicates how times have changed and how storage constraints are no longer imposing.



The announcement was made by Julia White, who is the General manager of Office 365 Technical Product Management. She insists that from now onwards, storage limits may be considered a “thing of the past” as far as Office 365 is concerned.

The Microsoft OneDrive and OneDrive for business will be offering unlimited storage for the Office 365 and business customers.

Microsoft Office 365 has been on a rise as of late with a lot of investment and promotion going into it. This move may hardly be considered a surprise.

Microsoft has been trying to offer incentives to lure more and more people into using the Office 365. Offering unlimited storage will be another step in that direction, and probably a successful one. Having unlimited storage is an important feature that most people would appreciate. Storage costs have been on a rapid decline since a number of years now. Hence, the more storage that can be offered to the users, the better.

Days when one wouldn’t have access to the files on the go (on cloud) seem to be ancient now. Office 365 is an extremely useful tool that allows the users to create centralised documents and edit them mutually to create content and collaborate on content.

Integrating unlimited cloud storage with a collaborative tool takes the productivity on a whole another level. Microsoft claims to have over 7 million Office 365 subscribers.

If you’re one of them and wish to avail the unlimited storage, you may want to get on the waiting list.

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