*LOOT* Earn 20/referral from smart saver app

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Hey folks ,
Earlier we introduced about the smart saver app and how you can earn mobikwik cash using it.
They pay 5Rs. per referral.
Now we are with a trick by which you can earn 20/referral.
NOTE – This is a loophole so loot it as soon as possible.
Follow the steps.
  •  Download the app from here.
  •  Enter your mobile number and verify it.
  •  Now enter your profile information.
  •  You will see 5 Rs. in your wallet.
  •  Now clear data and uninstall the app. (Recommended – Also change IMEI number and android id)
  •  Click on this link again and download the app again. (You must click this link both times , then only you will get 10 Rs. , otherwise you will get only 5 Rs.)
  •  Enter the same mobile number and verify it with the same OTP.
  •  Now go to your profile and just edit your DOB or any other thing.
  •  You will get 5Rs. extra. (You will get this extra amount only if you use the referral link both the times)
  •  So basically , you have 10 in your account.
  •   Now redeem it as payback points. (If the error comes , then upload any script and redeem after that)
  •  Now copy your referral link.
  •  Open bluestacks and follow the steps 1 to 10 

Loot update : This Smart Saver trick has been stopped now and the loophole stated above has been fixed. So this double credits trick will not work anymore.

NOTE – You will get referral reward both times.
This is a loophole because normally they pay only once per number and you are getting 10 and you will also get 10 in that account also , which you referred.
So , 10+10=20
Also you know what is the worth of mobikwik cash , so grab this awesome loot before it expires.
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Thank You.

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