First official giveaway

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                          ***FIRST OFFICIAL GIVEAWAY***
Hello readers , 
We are here with the first official giveaway from the blog . We are giving Rs. 10 free recharge to any five random commentors . You just have to give your feedback in the comment . Though the amount of the giveaway is less , we still encourage you to participate in this giveaway as after the success of this giveaway , we will introduce more giveaways . 
*Giveaway will last for one day 
*Winners will be announced tomorrow at 3 pm
*Winners will be sent a E-mail and asking for Mobile number and     operator 
*Recharge will be processed within some time.
*Be assured for the reward.
*Do participate.

Due to technical issues at our end , we were unable to declare results at 3 pm so now hereby , I declare the results
The list of the winners is as follows :-

  •  Bhawna Bisht
  •  Manoj Jacker
  • Raman Mehrotra
  • Satvik Baisla
  • Garima Joshi 

The winner will get free mobile recharge of Rs. 10 each .

*UPDATE – All recharges have been done 🙂 Stay with us for more giveaways and freebies  🙂

                                                                                        Thank You

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