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Here is a trick for you people to get free mobile recharge for inviting friends .
The app which is providing this free recharge is MASTGO . The app description says ” MastGo™ makes your everyday drive on the road a much safer, convenient and fun ride!

While giving you the convenience of hands-free voice alerts, MastGo™ also makes sure that you are able to share alerts on the road with fellow users!

MastGo™ helps people riding on all roads to be safe and at the same time be the reason for their smile! “

So basically it is that you can earn money by inviting friends . 
So follow these steps to earn loads of cash from the MASTGO app.
  • Download the MASTGO app from here .
  • When you download the app , it will ask for refer code .
  • Simply enter ” 6tej3t ” . Even if you will not enter the code you will not lose anything but I will get the reward for inviting you , so please use my code .
  • Register on the app .
  • Now ,click on the three vertical lines and click on “Invite friends ” option and refer your friends .
  • For each referral you will earn 20 recharge points and 20 coupon points .
  • You can redeem those points for recharge4 and coupons .

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