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1 Mb Games
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Small 1 mb games are very much in demand these days. I have received a lot of requests from people to combine a list of the best android games which are small in size. So I have finally compiled this list of 1 mb games for Android.

If you are a gamer then you must have played heavy loaded and huge size games. But if you are looking for some small size games so that you can pass you time easily then you are at right place. We have research and found top 3 1 MB games which are easy to handle and simple to play.

Even if your phone system memory is low and you can not keep heavy games on your smartphone then these low sized games are the best alternative to it.

The best part of these low sized Android games is that these games consume very low battery and run smoothly on low processor power. Other than that, these small-sized Android games have many more advantages. These small size android games attract users to install them and play because of their gameplay, addiction factor and the logic of the games. So below we are listing top 3 best 1 MB games. Few games are even smaller than 1 Mb. 

Best 1 Mb Games for Android

1 Mb Games

Flappy Bird428 Kb
20481.7 Mb
Roll Balls into the Hole2.0 Mb
Mahjong1.4 Mb
Find the Ball2.0 Mb
Chain reaction124 Kb

Flappy Bird 

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is one of the most loved and played android game. No one ever thought that this small game would make such huge success in the gaming history. This game is very simple and easy to play. In the game, you just have to make your little bird cross the poles without hitting them. This game as simple as that but let me tell you that this is the also listed most frustrating Android game. Now this game has been officially discontinued but still, you can download it from below link.

Download Flappy Bird Apk

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction

Though this game has the worst look but trust me, once you start playing this game you will love it. This is a game which is based on a 2-8 player strategy who work on the simple logic of reaction. Place your orbs (color ball ) in a cell. Once the cell has reached the maximum mass, it will automatically explode into surrounding cell adding extra color balls. To win, try to destroy your opponents color balls. This game is so much fun when played in a group. Though playing alone isn’t much fascinating.

Click on the download button below to start downloading the game.

Download Chain Reaction

Atomic Bomber

Atomic Bomber

This is also one of the best small size android game which you must try. This game is super addictive which can almost kill your time. Graphic of this game is bit disappointing because of such low sized game. in this, you need to control your fighter plane and destroy planes, trucks, vehicles and rockets launchers on land using missile and nuclear bombs. You should give a try to this awesome game by downloading from below given button.

Download Atomic Bomber

2048 Game

2048 Game

This game is very simple yet very challenging. It is just a matter of pairing and adding numbers to gain score and to achieve several combos. You need excellent skills logic and mathematics to master this online game faster and much easier. But it does not mean that individuals who are not good in mathematics should not try to play this game. It is because one of the purposes of this game is to enhance the mathematical skills of all the individuals who will play it.

Download 2048 Game

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Roll Balls Into A Hole

Put balls in the hole

This is another small sized game. The game is pretty simple and you will learn it with ease. In this game you just have to move all of your balls into a hole by tilting your mobile device. You need to use your gyroscope sensor for this purpose.

But keep in mind that the red ball should be the last to go in. In some levels, you roll a ball through a maze and collect gold coins.

Download Roll Balls into the Hole



You already know about Mahjong, right? Ohh come on, we have even played this game on our computers.

Mahjong is a solitaire game in which a set of mahjong tiles are to be set. The goal of this pyramid game is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board, exposing the tiles under them for play. You will be challenged to eliminate all pieces from the board. Also, this game is small size game. You must try this game is you are a fan of solitaire.

Download Mahjong Game

Find The Ball

Find the ball

This is one of the most interesting games of all the 1 MB games. Playing this game improves your attention  In this game, a Blue ball is hiding under these three cups and you are required to find it. When you will start the game it will show you which cup has a blue ball. Then it will shuffle cups. You have to keep your eyes and focusing on the correct cup. When the game stops shuffling, make your guess and pick the right cup. If you find the correct cup then you will go to the next level, if not then the game is over.

Download Find the Ball


So all these small sized 1 Mb Games are must try. If you think there is any other game which is less than 1 Mb in size and worth being in this list then let us know in comment section. We will try to add that game in this post if we found it awesome.


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